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编辑点评: 自从GMAT成绩单不再显示取消考试的“C”标记,宝宝们感觉可以更加愉快地刷分了。然而每次考完要在两分钟决定是否取消,依然让人感到纠结。特别是那些说低不低,说高不高的分数,食之无味弃之可惜。






GMAC, the maker of the GMAT? exam, has introduced an extended cancel and score reinstate policy that gives you more options and control of your GMAT experience —and confidence in your decision-making process.

GMAT test takers can now cancel their score immediately after their exam at the test center at no additional cost. The “C”that represents a candidate’s cancelled scores will not be shown on any future GMAT score reports. This feature will be applied retroactively to all previously cancelled test scores, which will be removed from all future score reports that are sent to schools. You can cancel your score immediately after taking the exam at the test center for free. Or, you can cancel your GMAT score online within 72 hours after you complete your exam.

We recommend that you know your desired GMAT score range and carefully consider your criteria for cancelling or reinstating scores before you take the GMAT exam.

Greater Flexibility in Retaking the GMAT Exam

For added convenience, you can also reinstate your cancelled GMAT scores online, up to four years and 11 months after their exam date. After your GMAT score is reinstated, a score report will automatically be sent to the schools you selected on the day of your exam. Cancelled scores will not appear on any GMAT score report sent to schools. If you cancel your score, no one will know but you.

Think Before You Decide

Consider the following scenarios to see where and how you may use these features.

Scenario 1: Leah’s pre-test strategy is to achieve a 700 and to cancel if her score is below 650. Leah’s score preview shows 650. She’s disappointed but accepts her score at the test center. Leah continues to feel more and more disappointed after she leaves the test center. She doesn’t think she can get into her top choice schools with a 650. She cancels her score online two days after the exam.

Scenario 2: Jeremy’s pre-test strategy is to achieve a 700 and to cancel if his score is below 650. Jeremy’s score preview shows 640. He cancels the score at the test center. Jeremy talks to his friends over the next several weeks, researches schools, and decides he wants to apply to schools with his 640 score rather than retake the GMAT. Jeremy reinstates his score online three months after taking the exam.

Scenario 3: Caroline takes the exam without a pre-test strategy. Her score preview shows 620. She accepts the score after the test because she wants more time to think. She realizes she isn’t happy with her score. She cancels it online three days after the exam and decides to put off her GME plans. Three years later, her career has stalled and she wants to re-pursue GME. She does some research and realizes the 620 is within range of her target schools. Caroline reinstates her score three years after her exam.