所属专题:美国高中留学  来源:    要点:美国高中申请  
编辑点评: SSAT考试对大部分国内学生来说都存在一定的难度,需要提前一段时间准备。其中,较大的词汇量是学生们要进行突破的第一关。下面沪江留学小编为大家整理了一些SSAT考试必备核心词汇,希望能有所帮助。


Attempting to be funny: jeer; jest; parody; recreation; skit.  

Let's get together: adjunct; coalesce; congeal; consensus; contiguous; fission; fusion; integrate; juxtapose; pact; rendezvous.

Make it official: abdicate; accord; allege; assess; condone; conventional; counsel; debunk; decree; inquiry; ratify; sustain.

Hard to handle: ambiguous; amorphous; remote; writhe; egress; epoch; intangible; itinerant; kinetic; obscure; polymorphous; prolific; scull; sporadic; surrogate; variegated.

The perfect mate: akin; amiable; congenial; equivalent; extol; placate; altruistic; aspirant; astute; benevolence.

You do not want to know this guy: animosity; debilitating; deficient; insolent; irate; notorious; profane; recalcitrant; warlock; aloof; banal; belligerent; browbeat; choleric; garrulous; incompetent; insipid; ostentatious; pedantic; pugnacious; ravenous; sanctimonious.

A bad scene: abyss; barrage; brig; hovel; indictment; quiver; plight; rue; adverse; aggravate; assailable; corpulent; founder; impasse; incumbent; insinuation; mar; null; repudiate; ruse; sedate; slander; superfluous.

Simply perfect: benign; exquisite; immaculate; robust; clarity; deft; meticulous; pious.

Time to make a speech: illuminate; imply; lament; reminiscence.

Just under the surface: dormant; eradicate; excavate; fundamental; innate; merge.

Hardworking: adept; facet; ingenuity; inscribe; novice; procure; tenacious; toil; vend; vigor; wane.

Nice attitude: admiring; ambivalent; analytica; biased; brash; cautious; dubious; ironic; jubilant; objective; sarcastic; skeptical; somber; subjective; temperament.