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编辑点评: GRE考试的数学部分不是GRE考试中最难的一部分,但是大家还是需要打好基础,认真复习才会获得好成绩。本文为大家汇总了往年的一些数学真题,掌握真题是最重要的,大家可以针对GRE数学真题进行复习。


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1. Three points in the coordinate system were given (4,5), (-2,-1) n (1,k) and all lie on the same line…

Col A: k

Col B: 2

Ans: C

2. A company sold a product for x dollars in 1990. The price of the product would increase by 2.5% every year. Which of the following expressions could be used to calculate the price of the product in the year 2000?

A. x * (25)^10

B. x * (0.25)^10

C. x * (1.25) ^ 10

D. x * (1.025)^10

E. x * (0.125) ^ 10

Ans: D

3.There is a circular water fountain of Diameter 12m. The wall of the tank has a width of 2m. If the thickness of the fountain is 0.06m, what is the volume of the concrete used in constructing the tank? On a street, there are four houses which are to be painted. There is a choice of three colors, and one house will be painted with a single color. In how many ways can the houses be painted?

A. 4

B. 24

C. 64

D. 81

E. 128

Ans: D

4. 3,1,4,2,3,1,4,2...... is a series in which 3,1,4,2 are repeated for every 4 terms then what is the product of the 67th,68th term?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 8

E. 3

Ans: C

5. n and k are positive numbers

col a: (3^n/ 5^k)^2

colb: (n/k)^2

Ans: D

6. A+B=1 and M+T=2

A and M are positive and B and T are negative

Cola :A^2 + B^2

Col b: M^2 + N^2

Ans: D

7.The number of numbers that can be formed by the digits 1,2,3,4,3,2,1. the odd digits are at odd places is given by

A) 430

B) 215

C) 93

D) 36

E) 18

Ans: E

8. The number of numbers that can be formed by the digits 1,2,3,4,3,2,1. the odd digits are at odd places is given by

A) 430

B) 215

C) 93

D) 36

E) 18

Ans: E

9. Given a semicircle with radius 2 and its area is 2pie. Find the perimeter of the semicircle.

Ans: 4+2pie

10. Two lines 3x-5y=10 and 2x-10y=-3 were given and the point of intersection of these lines lies in which quadrant?

Ans: IVth quadrant

11. Given x ,10-x, 2x+3 are three numbers. If mean of these 3 numbers is 24. Find median.

12. If mode of a group of numbers is 78 then what is the range of the numbers.

Ans: D

13. If x is not equal to 0.

Col a : (x+y)^2

Col b : x^2 +y^2

Ans: D

14. Given a cylinder having volume V. There is one more cylinder that had radius and height both twice of that of the given cylinder, so what is the volume of 2nd cylinder in terms of V?

Ans : 8V

15. (x^2+y^2)/2=xy then,

col A: x

col B: y

Ans: D

16. There are 37 employees in a company X. The month of july has more number of birthdays (of employees) than any other month in the year.

Col A: Number of Birthdays in July

Col B: 3

Ans: A

17. {(0.401)*(0.211)*(0.197)} / {(0.some number)*(0.155)*(0.343)} = this type of question was given .

18. In a triangle the three angles are given as X,X,Y. and the avg of two angles is 65, then what is the possible value of Y in the below options?

A. 60

B. 65

C. 70

D. 75

E. 80

Ans: E

19. x is an integer such that x > 3

Col a: number of even factors of 2x

Col b: number of odd factors of 3x

Ans: D

20. A set contains following no.'s a1,a2,a3.........a100

An= ((n+1)/n)+1) for n odd integer

An= -An-1 for n even integer

Find it's range...

21. lj+2l<3 and (k-1)^2=16

coll a:jk

col b:15

Ans: B

22. A price of product x is increased by p% to give new price y and then price of y is reduced by r% to give original price.

Col A: p

Col B: r

Ans: A

23. Three cuboids R, S and T were given…

Sides of R x, y, z

Sides of S x+10, y, z

Sides of T x, y, z+10

Col A: volume of s minus volume of R

Col B: volume of T minus volume of R

Ans: D

24. John's salary for a particular month is given by the equation: 1520 + 0.15x where x is the amount obtained from the sales made by John. In July 2000, John got $300 more than June 2000. By how much did John's sales increase in July 2000 as compared to June 2000?

Ans : $2000

25. A company has 54 employees. There are more birthdays on Wednesdays then on any other day of the week.

Col A: minimum no. of birthdays on Wednesdays

Col B: 8

Ans: A