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编辑点评: GRE考试的数学部分不是GRE考试中最难的一部分,但是大家还是需要打好基础,认真复习才会获得好成绩。本文为大家汇总了往年的一些数学真题,掌握真题是最重要的,大家可以针对GRE数学真题进行复习。


Friday, November 23, 2007

1. If 0.8 is the probability that a person gets infected with the disease amongst a group, in which a person in a group is infected.

Col A : the probablity that a person getting infected if none of the others among the group is infected.

Col B : 0.4

Ans: D

2. Given Users of mixers are 14% and Users of AC's are 27%. Find the Range of users excluding the users of mixers and ACs.

A) 41% to 59%

B) 59% to 73%

C)21% to 41%

Ans: B

3. A price of product x is increased by p% to give new price y and then price of y is reduced by r% to give original price.

Col A: p

Col B: r

Ans: D

4. Bryan and Kathleen live 150 miles apart. They each drive toward the other's house along a straight road connecting the two, Bryan at a constant rate of 30 miles per hour and Kathleen at a constant rate of 50 miles per hour. If Bryan and Kathleen leave their houses at the same time, how many miles are they from Bryan's house when they meet?

A) 40

B) 51.5

C) 56.25

D) 75

E) 93.75

Ans: C

5.The area of rectangular region R is equal to the area of rectangular region T. The Ratio of the length to the width of R is 3 to 1. the length & width of T are 12 & W, respectively.

Col A : w

Col B : 4

Ans: D

6. (0.5)^-2 , (0.5)^-1 , (0.5)^0 , (0.5)^1 , (0.5)^2. Find the range of the above numbers

Ans: 3.75

7.Two semicircles with thier diameters coincident...outer semicircle has diameter 12 feet and inner semicircle has diameter 8 feet.The outer minus inner was painted with green paint at some cost per sq feet and the inner was painted with red at the same cost per sq feet.

Col A: cost of green paint

Col B: cost of red paint

Ans: A

8. A label of vertical width w is stick on a cylinderical vessel with area A(some number) and height 10cm.

Col a: w

Col b: 4.5

Ans: D