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编辑点评: GRE考试的数学部分不是GRE考试中最难的一部分,但是大家还是需要打好基础,认真复习才会获得好成绩。本文为大家汇总了往年的一些数学真题,掌握真题是最重要的,大家可以针对GRE数学真题进行复习。



1. If d is the standard deviation of x,y and z then what is the standard of x+6,y+6 and z+6?


B. 6d




Ans: E

2. Out of 45, 25 are married and 38 are houseowners.

col A: least no.of houseowners who are married

col b: 18

Ans: C

3. A two digit number is a multiple of 3 and thrice this number has 7 in its units place.

col a: the number is

col B: 69

Ans: D

4. (0.5)^-2 , (0.5)^-1 , (0.5)^0 , (0.5)^1 , (0.5)^2. Find the range of the above numbers

Ans: 3.75

5. If n is an integer when divided by 17 leaves a reminder 4, what is the reminder when 5n is divided by


Ans : 3

6. In a set of 5 numbers, if 7 is the median, 4 is the mode & mean of the largest & second largest

number is 20. Find average of 5


Ans: 11

7. Where will the point of intersection of the lines 3x + 5y = 7 and 2x - 10y = - 3 lie?

A. On X-Axis

B. On Y-Axis

C. In Quadrant I

D. In Quadrant III

E. In Quadrant IV

Ans: E

8.On a street, there are four houses which are to be painted. There is a choice of three colors, and one

house will be painted with

a single color. In how many ways can the houses be painted?

A. 4

B. 24

C. 64

D. 81

E. 128

Ans: D

9. A B

+ B A




Col A: B

Col B: 2

Ans: C

10.There was a $25 discount on every purchase of $75 there was a 10% charge on shipping which was

added before the discount

and 20% sales tax after the discount was added. If john paid total $300, what was the original amount

of purchase if no sales tax

was added per $75

Ans : 240.

11. Consider circle with centre O. AB is a chord of the circle. AOB is a right triangle C is a point on the

circumference of circle such

that angle BOC = 60 degrees Compare.

Col A : area of triangle AOB

Col B : area of sector BOC.

Ans : B

12. A company sold a product for x dollars in 1990. The price of product would increase by 2.5% every

year. Which of the following

expressions could be used to calculate the price of the product in the year 2000?

Ans : x*(1.025)^10

13. Given ABCD is a square with perimeter k and M, N, O, P are the midpoints of the square. If with

this midpoints another

square MNOP is formed then

Col A: perimeter of inner square is

Col B: 1/2 k

Ans: A

14. If x is an integer and (x-5)/2 is an integer. Then which of the following is an integer?

A. (x+2)^2/9

B. (x+2)^2/4 .......

Ans: A

15. Col A: The number of real roots of 2x-3/7=0

Col B: The number of real roots of x^2+3=0

Ans: A