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101. Thus in addition to the chances of going away from the right path outlined above, the scientific investigator shares with the ordinary citizen the possibilities of falling into errors of reasoning in the ways we have just indicated, and many others as well.

102. He made a hole and peering through, could see jewellery, and other objects stacked in piles in the shadows that extended beyond the beam of light penetrating the interior.

103. Neither Ayat nor the Rassoul brothers noticed, however, that most of the pieces they were selling were of a type not previously seen in the marketplace—pieces whose existence had been suspected but which had not yet been discovered by archaeologists.

104. “The biggest construction project of this century”, explained French President Francois Mitterand in January, 1986 as he and then British prime minister Margaret Thatcher jointly announced that the two countries would finally overcome ancient quarrels and prejudices and forge a link across the narrow Channel separating them.

105. Perhaps the fact that many of these first studies considered only algae(水藻) of a size that could be collected in a net(net phytoplankton), a practice that overlooked the smaller phytoplankton(浮游植物群落) that we now know grazers are most likely to feed on, led to a de-emphasis of the role of grazers in subsequent research.106. The converse observation, of the absence of grazers (食草动物)in areas of high phytoPlankton(浮游植物群落)concentration, led Hardy to propose his principle of animal exclusion , which hypothesized that phytoplankton produced a repellent(驱虫剂) that excluded grazers from regions of high phytoplankton concentration.

107. Although these molecules allow radiation at visible at wave lengths, where most of the energy of sunlight is concentrated, to pass through, they absorb some of the longer-wavelength, infrared emission(红外辐射) radiated from the Earth,s surface, radiation that would otherwise be transmitted back into space.

108. In addition, the style of some Black novels, like Jean Toomer’s Cane, verges on expressionism or surrealism(超现实主义), does this technique provide a counter point to the prevalent theme that portrays the fate against which Black heroes are pitted, a theme usually conveyed by more naturalistic modes of expression?

109. Roseenblatt’s thematic analysis permits considerable objectivity; he even explicitly states that it is not his intention to judge the merit of the various works—yet his reluctance seems misplaced, especially since an attempt to appraise might have led to interesting results.

110. Thus, for instance, it may come as a shock to mathematicians to learn that the Schrodinger equation (薛定谔的方程式)forthe hydrogen atom is not a literally correct description of this atom, but only an approximation to a somewhat more correct equation taking account of spin, magnetic dipole (磁性偶极子), and relatiristic effects, and that this corrected equation is itself only an imperfect approximation to an infinite set of quantum field theoretical equations( 量子场论方程式).