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编辑点评: GRE阅读的复习和作文的复习往往可以“相辅相成”,这里为大家精选了一些阅读中的句子,大家可以选择性地用在作文中作为一个例证。也可以参考句子的结构自己学着写一下结构较为复杂的句子。

27.My point is that its central consciousness—its profoundunderstanding of class and gender as shaping influences on people’slives—owes much to that earlier literary heritage,a heritage that,ingeneral,has not been sufficiently valued by most contemporary literarycritics.


28.But achieving necessary matches in physical properties acrossinterfaces between living and nonliving matter requires knowledge ofwhich molecules control the bonding of cells to each other—an area thatwe have not yet explored thoroughly.


29.Islamic law is a phenomenon so different from all other forms oflaw—notwithstanding,of course,a considerable and inevitable number ofcoincidences with one or the other of them as far as subject matter andpositive enactments are concerned—that its study is indispensable inorder to appreciate adequately the full range of possible legalphenomena.


30.Though historically there is a discernible break between Jewishlaw of the sovereign state of ancient Israel and of the Diaspora (thedispersion of Jewish people after the conquest of Israel), the spiritof the legal matter in later parts of the Old Testament is very closeto that of the Talmud, one of the primary codifications of Jewish lawin the Diaspora.