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编辑点评: 以下是小编为大家整理GRE红宝书中形容词词汇,供大家复习用。GRE词汇量是考生必须要过的第一关,近几年GRE考试真题中经常出现和常考的形容词词汇,而GRE红宝书是考生备考GRE词汇的重要教材之一。


earthy: unrefined; coarse

ebullient: showing excitement; overflowing with enthusiasm

ecclesiastic: pertaining to the church

eerie: weird

effectual: efficient

effeminate: having womanly traits

effete: worn out; exhausted; barren

efflorescent: flowering

effulgent: brilliantly radiant

effusive: pouring forth; gushing

egregious: gross; shocking

elegiacal: like an elegy; mournful

elusive: evasive; baffling; hard to grasp

elusory: tending to deceive expectations; elusive

emaciated: thin and wasted

eminent: high; lofty

enamored: in love

encomiastic: praising; eulogistic

ephemeral: short-lived; fleeting

equable: tranquil; steady; uniform

equivocal: doubtful; ambiguous

errant: wandering

erudite: learned; scholarly

esoteric: known only to the chosen few

estranged: separated

ethereal: light; heavenly; fine

ethnic: relating to races

eulogistic: praising

euphonious: pleasing in sound

evanescent: fleeting; vanishing

evasive: not frank; eluding

execrable: very bad

exemplary: serving as a model; outstanding

exiguous: small; minute

exorbitant: excessive

exotic: not native; strange

expeditiously: rapidly and efficiently

extant: still in existence

extemporaneous: not planned; impromptu

extraneous: not essential; external

extrinsic: external; not inherent; foreign

exuberant: abundant; effusive; lavish