所属专题:GRE作文  来源:新东方网    要点:Argument句型模板  
编辑点评: Argument句型经典模板,非常实用哦。大家备考时可以借鉴,改良,但是切记不要照搬哦


In this analysis, the arguer claims that …should …To substantiate the conclusion, the arguer cites the example of …where …In addition, the arguer assumes that …This argument is unconvincing for several critical flaws.


For instance …since …what’s more …etc.

and how well it represented the public opinions..

The sample of the survey is not representative.


the sample is too small to...


the ratio of four to six

there is only figures but no proportion of the survey 还是ratio?

Insufficient Sample

If the [respondents] only stand for a tiny proportion of the whole [group], we should not be so sure about the conclusion that [the whole group…]

The arguer commits a fallacy of hasty generalization.

It was only carried out in Sun City, but the arguer applies its result to all the company’s markets while doesn’t show us whether Sun City is a representative market of the whole markets.


the arguer commits a fallacy of hasty generalization. Even if the maintenance of the airline has been improved as a result of sending its mechanics to the Seminar, which is, of course, an unwarranted assumption, it does not follow that就算怎样,也不怎样

The survey is based on two isolated examples. The arguer should survey more hospitals of both types.


The arguer commits a fallacy of begging the question in assuming that …


other possible causes of the …

To conclude, this argument is not persuasive as it stands.