GRE ISSUE作文经典论据总结1

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编辑点评: 新G写作注重缜密的思维逻辑和新GRE写作论据论证,因此,我们在新GRE写作中要格外重视思维逻辑与论据论证,平时注意多收集一些GRE写作论据论证例子,积累素材。

新G写作注重缜密的思维逻辑和新GRE写作论据论证,因此,我们在新GRE写作中要格外重视思维逻辑与论据论证,平时注意多收集一些GRE写作论据论证例子,积累素材。下面是小编为大家整理的新GRE ISSUE作文经典论据,希望能够帮助大家更好地备考新GRE写作。


Consider, for instance, Jack Welch’s program when a company is running in a low efficiency and facing a financial crisis (political crisis or natural disaster). Welch worked to eradicate (根除) perceived inefficiency by trimming inventories and dismantling (终止) the bureaucracy that had almost led him to leave the corporation in the past. Welch’s strategy was later adopted by other entrepreneurs.

Microsoft's Bill Gates is largely responsible for lifting American technology and economy to the top levels of the world. And this contribution is already demonstrated. Of course, Gates’ revolutionary accomplishments, and even his monopoly, brought him universal renown and immense fortune throughout his life.


Jack Welch was self-contemptuous in his childhood because of his stammer. Mother’s encouragement drove him on to overcome his mental block and led him to become a successful entrepreneur.


There are upsetting parallels today, as scientists in one wave after another try to awaken us to the depletion of atmospheric ozone which has warmed the Earth, and the problem largely threatens the very survival of the human species. Environmental, economic, and political problems such as these all carry grave social consequences-increased crime, unemployment, insurrection (造反), hunger, and so forth.

Solving these problems requires global cooperation/insurance policy-which a global university can facilitate (使之容易). thinner ozone layer, greenhouse-effect, deforestation, extinct species(难解决问题) After all, no amount of principle can completely solve the enduring problems of environmental pollution, atomic weapons and technological cloning (war, poverty, violence/greed, aggression), for the reason that a helpful law might be another that is a huge loss for human beings.

For example, while some might argue that physics researchers who harnessed the power of the atom have provided us with an alternative source of energy and invaluable peace-keepers, this argument flies in the face of hundreds of thousands of innocent people murdered and maimed by atomic blast, and by nuclear meltdown. And in fulfilling the promise of “living better through chemistry” research has given us chemical weapons for human slaughter.

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