GRE Issue写作优秀实例:达到目标的手段

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编辑点评: 很多参加GRE的考生在做GRE写作的时候都没有写提纲的习惯,这是非常不好的。提纲在GRE写作当中起到了至关重要的作用。从今天起,我们将对GRE issue进行分析,弄清写作思路,这样才能让GRE issue得高分。


If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it are justifiable.



The speaker claim that if a goal if worthwhile, then any means taken to achieve this goal is justifiable. Although the assertion makes sense when we consider the underlying of this implication is that whatever the conditions, the natures of the endings deserve our effort wholehearted. But if we examine the broad meaning that this claim carries, we find this threshold statement suffer deficiencies from many aspects of consideration.

First let define the worthiness of a goal. How worthwhile and valuable a goal is lies not only in the subjective meditation and evaluation of an individual, we must consider the interactive influence exerted by this goal on others. For example, a country may consider the goal of achieving economic success and well being of its citizens to be worthwhile, but if we know they exploit cheap labor forces in third-world country,utilize scarce natural resources that being exported from poor countries, or dump low-cost goods in these countries, our morals reveal us the dark side of the goal and make it less worthwhile than it seems to be to its home people. On a personal level, a person’s food might be the others’ poison, so did the goal. Consider the ambition of

Napoleon, his ambitious goal is to conquer the whole European Continent, which considered by himself and many of his follows to be the most glorious plan they have ever made. But by resorting to wars, killings, and blood shedding, their sweet dream turn out to be the nightmare of people habituating in this continent. In a word, since no goal is set from a pure disinterested, impartial perspective, it is necessary to bear the interwoven relationship in mind before targeting at a certain goal. Even if a goal is worthwhile agreed by majority of people, we should consider cost-and-benefit side of things in an effort to obtaining an nonbiased, all-around point of view. Most people today agree that the exploration of outer space is a worthy goal considering the valuable research materials we would get from for our physics and medial experiment and weather forecast. What is more, due to the limit longevity of earth and the ever increasing of populations, we see high calls to find another habitat for our future generations. Even if all the advantages and benefits involved justify the worthiness of this goal, not all means taken would be considered as sensible and judicial. Since most pressing social problem such as AIDS prevention, poverty,environmental problems still in need of immediate attention and observation, we need to allocate most of our resources to tackle these problems. As a result, even if one way of achieving the breakthrough in out space exploration would be to devote all research staff and available resource to this project, we have to struggle a balance between the worthiness of a goal and the proper way to obtain this goal.

The above statement is welcomed and readily embraced by the new trend of practicality since in a society where personal achievement is highly valued, we look more to ending than means. That is to say, people tend to neglect and forgive their own wrongdoings or others’ wrongdoings in a sense that their goals are goodwill–intending and worthwhile. For one thing, for a personal, a society, or even a nation,even they consider things from a totally isolated or functional perspective, no matter how great achievement they obtain, they are selfish losers with nothing to be accomplished from the physiological point of view. In the second place, we observe too many cases where good intention result in total chaos derive not from the dirty tricks they construe but out of the improper means they take. Since the founding of

People’s Republic of China, under the leadership of Chairman Mao, China has undergone a reform in the area of economy, which is to implement planned economy. Mao’s intention is good, and his goal is to realize communalisms in this new country to short its economic gap with the western country in the shortest as possible. But without considering the properness of this means from the economic and social point of view, he threw china into years of economic regression and stillness. Ideas went contrary to our wills and intentions occasionally and thus make the consideration and full analyzes of the means to obtaining goals even pressing.

To sum up, I am against the speaker’s assertion since he neglects one important aspect of how to evaluate goals. To devote to a worth goal is justifiable and the effort instilled in this process deserve our accolade since it is always this power that push the society forward. But by neglecting the means of how to obtain these goals, we put ourselves in an embarrassing place of functionalists and opportunists. As a result, it is highly resulted to look from different perspectives to figure our where the true value of a goal lies and how to achieve it.