GRE argument 238提纲分析汇总

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编辑点评: 提纲是作者构思谋篇的具体体现。便于作者有条理地安排材料、展开论证。提纲在GRE写作当中起到了至关重要的作用。从今天起,我们将对GRE argument进行分析,弄清写作思路,这样才能让GRE argument得高分。



gre argument 238题目:

The following appeared in a memorandum from the president of Mira Vista College to the college's board of trustees.

"At nearby Green Mountain College, which has more business courses and more(1) job counselors than does Mira Vista College, 90 percent of last year's graduating seniors had job offers(4) from prospective employers(5). But at Mira Vista College last year, only 70 percent of the seniors who informed the placement office that they would be seeking employment(2) had found full-time jobs(4) within three months after graduation, and only half of these graduates were employed in their major field of study(3). To help Mira Vista's graduates find employment(8), we must offer more courses in business and computer technology(6) and hire additional job counselors(7) to help students with their resumés and interviewing skills."


(1)The president fails to inform us the total amount of students at each college, thus we cannot compare the number of job counselors per student.

(2)The survey does not include all the graduates in MVC, thus it is impossible to evaluate the employment result in MVC.

(3)The comparison between GMC and MVC is incomplete, many other factors would contribute to the differences in the employment results of the two colleges.

(4)Without further description of the job offers received by graduating seniors of the two colleges, we cannot evaluate if Mira Vista's job-placement record is com­paratively poor.

(5)The president fails to establish the causal relationship between the fact that GMC has more business courses and job counselors than MVC and the fact that 90% of last year’s graduating seniors from GMC got job offers.

(6)The president fails to convince us that offering more courses in computer technology will necessarily contribute to the employment of graduates in MVC.

(7)GMC and MVC might not be comparable in several aspects such as reputation, ranking, alumni, etc.

(8)The proposed actions might be neither sufficient nor necessary for Mira Vista to improve its employment result.


无论是gre issue还是gre argument,考生都应该养成写提纲的习惯。这种提纲式的gre写作练习可以帮助考生锻炼写作的逻辑性,而gre写作高分最重要的得分依据就是作文的逻辑性要强。希望大家都能写出好作文。