GRE argument 74提纲分析汇总

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编辑点评: 很多参加GRE的考生在做GRE写作的时候都没有写提纲的习惯,这是非常不好的。提纲在GRE写作当中起到了至关重要的作用。从今天起,我们将对GRE argument进行分析,弄清写作思路,这样才能让GRE argument得高分。



gre argument74题目:

The following appeared in a newsletter about education policy.

"The average annual earnings of high school dropouts are significantly less than the average annual earnings of high school graduates. To address this problem, the state governor has proposed that the state should establish free vocational training programs for high school dropouts. But the availability of such programs would probably encourage some students who would otherwise have graduated to drop out in order to pursue vocational training(1). Hence the proposed programs would lower, not raise, the average earning potential of young people(2). Therefore, the state should not establish the vocational training programs(3) but should instead focus on improving academic programs(4,5) in our high schools."


(1)The author's assumption that a substantial number of students will drop out to pursue vocational training is unwarranted.

(2)No evidence is provided to show that the proposed programs would not raise the earning potential of young people.

(3)The mere evidence cited in the argument could not sufficiently prove that the proposed program is not necessary.

(4)The author does not provide any evidence to show that our academic programs need to be improved.

(5)The author fails to convince us that improving academic programs will necessarily decrease the rate of dropouts.


无论是gre issue还是gre argument,考生都应该养成写提纲的习惯。这种提纲式的gre写作练习可以帮助考生锻炼写作的逻辑性,而gre写作高分最重要的得分依据就是作文的逻辑性要强。