GRE Issue写作提纲思路与分析32

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编辑点评: GRE作文的Issue部分很注重大家分析问题的能力和逻辑思维的展开,本文选取真题例子,为大家一一分析针对这样的题目应该怎么分析和列提纲并且让自己的思路完整地展现在考官面前。

下面针对GRE Issue写作的提纲思路与分析进行说明,大家认真复习。

Issue 195


The goal of politics should not be the pursuit of an ideal, but rather the search for common ground and reasonable consensus.




(1)政治应该有理想。For example, without Martin Luther King's great idealism and onerous conflict, the American black perhaps would still have to sit at the back on the bus; without Mohandas Gandhi’s great political idealism to achieve social and political independence, India might still be one colony of Great Britain.

(2)但是光有理想有时可能会遇到困难。Consider the case of the failure of the Utopian Owen. He believed the status of a perfect world where there were no wars and fights; every one was born equal, and no information need to be hided. Owen once tried to establish such an ideal society; however he failed to take into account of certain practical conditions and existing difficulties during its construction. As a result, his plan did not obtain the general support and finally faced up with his predetermined failure.

(3)因此,有理想的同时还要寻求共同点和合理的一致,这样才能赢得支持和认同。Chairman Deng, for instance, rather than sticking to the idealism of communism, enacted the marvelous and far-reaching policies of "one country, two systems", which earned not only national support but also international acknowledgement.