GRE Issue 官方范文(二)

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"The media (books, film, music, television, for example) tend to create rather than reflect the values of a society."


For our grandparents it occurred through films and books.

For the baby boomers it was a result of television and revolutionary music.

No matter how the impact took place, it is clear that since its very advent, the media have played a crucial role in not simply being representative of the values of our society but creating them as well.

During the roaring twenties Americans found themselves in a struggle between the old ways of their ancestors and the new ways of the future.

The once steadfast beliefs that men and women should not touch while dancing, and that ladies should not drink or smoke were suddenly being challenged.

From where was all this rebellion stemming?

Partly it was due to the returning doughboys from the shores of Europe bringing home revolutionary ideas they had encountered while at war.

Nonetheless, returning soldiers could not be held responsible for the social upheaval that America experienced.

There had to be another cause, and there was, the media.

Although the films of the era were silent they spoke volumes to the society for which they were created.

Women in these movies wore their hemlines a few inches shorter than the decade before them and they wore cosmetics to accentuate their new bobbed haircuts.

The movies, as well as the books of that era, demonstrated a new materialistic attitude that America had never before experienced.

Films portrayed every character as having the money to buy a new car, drink, smoke and partake in the leisures of life, a philosophy that was soon adopted by the youth of the decade.

The use of the media in the twenties was to serve as a catalyst for the revolutionary ideas that were circulating.

The films and books of that era sped America along its path of change that eventually led to the greatest social unrest that the United States had ever known.

Unlike the twenties, the sixties and seventies utalized the media in a way that appealed to those searching for truth in a lost and confused world.