GRE 高频提纲之行为类6

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编辑点评: 提纲是作者构思谋篇的具体体现。便于作者有条理地安排材料、展开论证。提纲在GRE写作当中起到了至关重要的作用。小编为大家整理了行为类的GRE Issue高频提纲,供大家参考。

199. "Truly innovative ideas do not arise from groups of people, but from individuals. When groups try to be creative, the members force each other to compromise and, as a result, creative ideas tend to be weakened and made more conventional. Most original ideas arise from individuals working alone."

6. 个人成功:

126. "Society's external rewards are no measure of true success. True success can be measured only in relation to the goals one sets for oneself."

16. "Although many people think that the luxuries and conveniences of contemporary life are entirely harmless, in fact, they actually prevent people from developing into truly strong and independent individuals."

138. "Only through mistakes can there be discovery or progress."

188 "Success, whether academic or professional, involves an ability to survive in a new environment and, eventually, to change it."

192. "Success in any realm of life comes more often from taking chances or risks than from careful and cautious planning."

206 "People are too quick to take action; instead they should stop to think of the possible consequences of what they might do."

210 "Most people choose a career on the basis of such pragmatic considerations as the needs of the economy, the relative ease of finding a job, and the salary they can expect to make. Hardly anyone is free to choose a career based on his or her natural talents or interest in a particular kind of work."

240."Although it is easy to respond positively to the work of another person or group, it is far more worthwhile to give negative feedback."