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编辑点评: 在GRE写作中,全球化的概念考查非常高频,而且全球化的概念和影响在其他类型(例如科技、教育、政治以及文化类话题中也高频被调用),因此面对这个高频的主题素材,特为所有同学补充全球化的概念的素材段落。


Globalization can be found in five different areas: economic, cultural, political, religious, and social systems。

It should not be narrowly confused with economic globalization, which is only one aspect. While some scholars and observers of globalization stress convergence of patterns of production and consumption and a resulting homogenization of culture, power, stress, and hunger, others stress that globalization has the potential to take many diverse forms. In economics, globalization is the convergence of prices, products, wages, rates of interest and profits。

Globalization of the economy depends on the role of human migration, international trade, movement of capital, and integration of financial markets. The International Monetary Fund notes the growing economic interdependence of countries worldwide through increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions, free international capital flows, and more rapid and widespread diffusion of technology。