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编辑点评: GRE和GMAT写作对于中国学生来说一直是相当难的一个部分。不知道各位同学的作文是否可以拿到高分呢?小编今天给大家选择了一系列有关政府和艺术的话题,希望大家能够练练笔哦。

【关于“政府和艺术”的GRE Issue原题】

82"Government should never censor the artistic works or historical displays that a museum wishes to exhibit."

101"Governments should provide funding for artists so that the arts can flourish and be available to all people."

【关于“政府和艺术”的GMAT Issue原题】

22. Clearly, government has a responsibility to support the arts. However, if that support is going to produce anything of value, government must place no restrictions on the art that is produced.



The artists who have expectations of support without controls do not really understand the basic nature of government as organized force. Any government, whether communist or democratic, represents political and coercive forces. All the resources and powers of the government tend to be deployed to serve the interests of the political group in control and also to deal with things that threaten the very survival of the state. This is as true of the United States as it is of the Soviet Union. Either type of government must also establish bureaus and procedures for any of its activities, whether it's running the army or supporting artists. Any decision to make something a government activity is also a decision to place it under bureaucratic management with various controls and reporting methods for measurement of results.