来源:新东方    要点:GRE写作  
编辑点评: 很多同学记住很多单词,实际运用时却反应不过来,因为你脑中储存太多非应用性词汇。小编为考生整理了一些地道高频的表达,快来精简你的词库,让它更加实用吧!



一些 a range of; a variety of; a series of; an array of

无数 innumerable; countless

许多 plenty of; many; much; a great deal of; a lot of; ample

非常多(大)的 tremendous

依序列举 list in sequence

过时的 outdated; antiquated; outmoded; obsolete; anachronistic

短暂的 ephemeral; transitory; transient; short-lived

不合时宜的 anachronism

可持久的 durable; able to stand wear; last a long time

一再time after time; again and again

初始的 preliminary

前述的 aforementioned; aforesaid; former

自古到今 from ancient times to the present day; down through the ages

年轻人 young people; youngster; youth; young adult

老式的 old-fashioned; out of date; dated

偶尔 from time to time; now and then; once in a while; at times

时常 often; frequently; repeatedly

永远的 eternal; perpetual; lasting throughout life

重整办事优先顺序 reshape priorities

目前 so far; by far

一次就可完成的事 one-time event

正/反意见 opinion

骂 yell at; reprimand; chide; scold; reprove

支持 support; endorse; back up; uphold

谴责 condemn; express strong disapproval of

错的 mistaken; erroneous; wrong incorrect

错事 wrongdoing; had acts; misbehavior

做相反的 do the reverse of; do the opposite

归咎 blame … on; put the blame on…; … is to blame

瓦解 disintegrate; break up; separate into small parts

支持某一方 in favor of; on the side of

不会犯错的 infallible

意见不和 clashes of opinion

一致的 unanimous; in complete agreement

不恰当 inappropriate; improper; unsuitable; inadequate

批判 criticize; blame; find fault with; make judgments of the merits and faults of…

我们想念 …we are convinced that…; we are certain that..

我愿意 I incline to; I am inclined to; I am willing to; I tend to

有用的 useful; of use; serviceable; good for; instrumental; productive

有意义的 meaningful; fulfilling

他们不愿承认这一点 they have always been reluctant to admit this…

在大家同意下 by common consent of…