2017年9-12月雅思口语话题Part3范文:Describe your dream house

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参考范文:Describe your dream house
1. Why do people change their places of living? 为什么人们要搬家?
Well, I guess there can be plenty of reasons for that. For example, people can do it in search of a better way of life because they find the places they live in boring and uninspiring. Or there can be too many bad memories attached to their place of living connected with somebody's divorce or death, which pushes people to move to a different house or apartment. Sometimes people change their place of living for a better employment moving from the rural area to the city or from a small town to the capital. In terrible cases people can do it for safety reasons trying to escape from war zones or polluted areas posing threat for health. Quite seldom but still people also change their places of living just because they need a change, nothing more nor less.
2. Do most people in your country live in a flat or a house? 你们国家的大部分人住公寓还是别墅?
Well, the majority of people live in flats 'cause it usually involves less costs and provides more security as there are a lot of people around. What is more, it is more comfortable to live in flats because they are usually located in the city. so it doesn't take too much time to get to the city centre and there are no problems with shopping for basic essentials because of availability of convenience stores. One more factor which attracts people to living in flats is the fact that flats already have all necessary facilities such as power and water backup, uninterrupted supply of cooking gas and so on. Though there are also quite people in my country opting for living in houses mainly because houses usually have more living as well as outside space and provide people with greater degree of freedom.
3. At what age do people in your country start living independently? 你国家的人在什么年纪开始独立生存?
I guess it can happen at any age when people start making enough money to afford to pay for a flat and utilities. Young people usually leave their parents' families in order to learn not only to earn money but also how to manage their own life. set priorities and take challenges. They start living independently to learn more about themselves, be able to make decisions by themselves and take responsibility for these decisions. Though, there are also young people who leave their parents' apartment in order to get the ultimate freedom to wind down and relax and forget about the pressure of having constant family duties to fulfill.
4. Do people in your country mostly buy their own home or do they rent their home? 你们国家的人大多数情况下是自己买房还是租房?
Well, I guess both. Those who have enough money mostly buy accommodation 'cause it's a kind of investment in their future. What is more, home ownership is something that. on the one hand. gives them and their families a sense of stability and security and, on the other hand, provides with freedom to do whatever they want both inside and outside dispensing them with the necessity of having humiliating, awkward and frustrating relationships with landlords. But there are also a lot of countrymen who don't have enough money or want to be more flexible their lifestyle having a wish to pick up and leave pretty quickly, and they always opt for renting their home considering home ownership an expense.
5. Do you think the design of a home is important? 你认为房子的设计重要吗?
Oh yeah, it is. I guess it is, first of all, important because it plays the key role in the building's functionality. I mean a good design can make even a really small flat or house functional and cosy. I also think that being surrounded by comfort and beauty unequivocally makes our daily experiences better and increases our satisfaction not only short but also long term making us productive and happy. So, no doubt, home design is of great importance.
6. What makes a location suitable for old people to live? 什么地方适合老年人居住?
Oh, access to good health care, first of all. In some cases climate if there are some pressure problems, for instance. I would also add proximity to family and friends in order to keep in touch and not feel lonely. One more important thing that comes to my mind is low crime rates which can make old people's life calmer and more relaxed. And, of course, accessibility and good amenities of the neighborhood.
7. What makes a location suitable for young people to live? 什么地方适合年轻人居住?
Well, I guess affordability, first of all. I mean housing expenses, the prices for consumable goods, the price of petrol if the young have cars and the price of utility services and taxes. Next, education system and employment opportunities if they are career oriented and have kids of school age, And, of course, accessibility, appearance and amenities of the neighbourhood. I commute time and public transport options for those who don't have private cars, and cultural offerings like galleries, concert halls, theatres and so on for those who take care of their leisure time.
8. In what ways can buildings be more 'environmentally friendly’? 建筑的那些方面更环保?
Well, in order to make existing buildings more 'environmentally friendly' we, first of all, need to turn off any lights or appliances when we don't use them. buy only recyclable containers, reuse plastics for food storage and eliminate the extensive use of the television or the Internet. We also need to try to eliminate the products that have a negative impact on the environment, choose energy efficient appliances for homes and use eco-friendly lighting. If people are only starting to build a house and want to make it environmentally friendly, I guess they should think about using sustainable building materials and insulation, installing solar panels and programmable thermostat as well as try reusing old materials such as wood floors, doors and windows. I guess it’s the main stuff they have to do.