2018年雅思口语pat1话题预测配答案:Reading Books(阅读)变题不慌!

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编辑点评: 当当当当,2018年最新的雅思口语题目预测,并配上最火热的口语高分答案。虽然常常受到冷待,但是在雅思考官的心目中,part1可是意义重大哟, 本文话题:Reading Books(阅读),共15个题目配范文!注意题目之间的答案是相对独立的。烤鸭,加油!

本文口语话题配范文:Reading Books(阅读)。12月了,又到了雅思er们喜闻乐见的考试间歇期了。考官们都赶着回去过他们的圣诞跨年了,可苦逼的我们还在为即将到来的雅思口语变题月而惴惴不安。不过呢,深谙变题规律的小编,自然是急人所急以迅雷不及掩耳盗铃之势,弄出了这份最新的必考口语话题预测。

Reading Books 相关参考题目
1. Do you like to read books?
2. How often do you go to the cinema?
3. Do you prefer reading books or watching films?
4. Is reading as pleasurable in digital format?
5. Do you think bookshops will survive the digital revolution?
6. Statistics show that visits to the cinema are up despite the availability of DVDs and online downloads. Why do you think this might be?
7. Do you like reading books? Why or why not?
8. What (kinds of) books do you like to read?
9. Did you read much when you were a child?
10. What (kinds of) books did you like reading when you were a child?
11. Do (young) children like reading books?
12. For children, what do you think are the benefits of reading?
13. What do you think are the benefits of reading to children?
Marie: Yes … I love reading … I like nothing more than to be engrossed in a good book … I regularly take out books from the library and usually read them from cover to cover in no time … and I can’t go to sleep at night without some good bedtime reading …
Jemma: Unfortunately we don’t have a cinema near us so we have to go into the nearest town to catch the latest movie … I usually avoid seeing popular box-office hits which I’m not always keen on seeing … I prefer low-budget films … sci-fi especially … and there’s a great cinema I go to that has frequent showings of films like these …
Louisa: I’m not really a big reader … I find books quite heavy-going … so I much prefer to see a film … perhaps it’s the special effects or the soundtrack … I don’t know … I just prefer a film …
Alise: Personally I prefer reading a paperback or hardback … especially if I’m reading a classic which I don’t think feels right as an e-book … but I can see it can be good for others … my grandmother has an e-reader and she loves the way you can enlarge the text …
Thomas: I think so … at least I hope so … I love flicking through books in a bookshop … online shopping is useful … finding out on Amazon if a book you want has got a good review … maybe getting one that is difficult to find … but I still love the experience of being in a bookshop …
Jamie: I think it’s the whole experience that the cinema offers … going out to see a film when it goes on general release … and seeing it on the big screen is more exciting than watching the film at home on TV … especially if it’s an action movie … and watching it with others makes it even more special …
Yes, I’m really into reading because I believe that reading can be both entertaining and educational. Reading broadens my knowledge by opening up the whole world to me. While I’m reading, I can be visiting another country or a different time period, or traveling through space. I can find out how people solve problems or think up new ideas.
Oh, it’s a tough question, or it should be more of what books I don’t read. I have a really open mind to books and what genre they are. Classic literature, novel, autobiography, historical story…whatever.
Yes, I remember when I was a kid, I’d like to take some historical books from my father’s bookshelf, and read the historical stories, which were really entertaining and educational to me. As a result, I’m very familiar with our Chinese ancient history.
It’s kind of hard to say but young children that I know around me tend to read fairy tales to cultivate their mental development, but maybe for others, they just want to watch TV and play toys.
I believe if you want your children to be smart, they have to acquire a love for reading, which has numerous benefits. Reading opens the door to child’s early academic success, imparts a love of learning and leads to higher grades in every subject. Besides, reading can help children Improve linguistic skills in the form of a richer vocabulary, correct grammar, and more articulate oral communication. On top of that, books teach child about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world he lives in.
an action movie: a film with fast moving scenes, often containing violence
to be engrossed in: to be completely focused on one thing
bedtime reading: something to read in bed before you go to sleep
to be a big reader: someone who reads a lot
to be based on: to use as a modal
a box office hit: a financially successful film
to be heavy-going: difficult to read
a blockbuster: a film that is a big commercial success
to catch the latest movie: to see a film that has just come out
the central character: the main person in a film or book
a classic: of the highest quality
to come highly recommended: to be praised by another person
couldn’t put it down: wasn’t able to stop reading a book
an e-book: a digital book
an e-reader: a device for reading e-books
to flick through: to look quickly through a book
to get a good/bad review: to receive positive or negative feedback
to go on general release: when a film can be seen by the general public
hardback: a book with a rigid cover (see ‘paperback’ below)
a historical novel: a story set in the past
a low budget film: a film made with a small amount of money
on the big screen: at the cinema
a page turner: a book that you want to keep reading
paperback: a book with a flexible cover (see ‘hardback’ above)
plot: the main events in a film or book
to read something from cover to cover: to read a book from the first page to the last
sci-fi: science fiction
to see a film: to see a film at the cinema (see ‘watch a film’ below)
the setting: where the action takes place
showings: performances of a film
soundtrack: the music that accompanies a film
special effects: the visuals or sounds that are added to a film which are difficult to produce naturally
to take out (a book from the library): to borrow a book from the library
to tell the story of: to outline the details of someone’s life or an event
to watch a film: to watch a film on TV (see ‘to see a film’ above)