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University students always focus on one specialist subject, but some people think universities should encourage their students to study a range of subjects in addition to their own subject.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

本题关键词:university, specialist。

专才”还是“全才”这个话题,早在“素质教育”这个词还流行的时候就一直被讨论着,而现在的大学强调的是“通识教育”(all-round education),简单说就是鼓励学生学习各学科的入门知识,人文、社会、自然科学都有基本常识,而非只懂得自己专业的一点知识。


1)It has been a hotly-debated issue that whether university students should be encouraged to study a range of subjects or focus on their own subject. Some people think that focusing on one specialist subject results in deeper understanding, which plays a decisive role in success. In my opinion, however, knowing something about everything is beneficial for both the students and the whole society.

2)Firstly, universities are established not only to train the students on specialist subjects but also to educate them into knowledgeable people. As young people who are entering their twenties, they just start knowing the world from different angles, which can be provided by the general education courses in universities such as economics, sociology, anthropology, etc. With the general knowledge of the world and society, students can make wise decisions when dealing with life problems and personal relationships. Generally speaking, knowledge about a range of subjects is necessary for university students.

3)Besides, by studying the basic knowledge of a variety of subjects, university students are provided with the chance to find their real interest and adjust the direction of the life and career. For example, my roommate planned to study English literature when she first entered college, but after listening to a series of lectures on international relationship in the first semester, she discovered her passion for politics. She then transferred to the international relationship department and eventually found a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If she had not been given the chance to study other subjects, she would not have chosen the right way for her career.

4)Admittedly, spending time on other subjects means reducing the time for the specialist subject. However, if studying other subjects brings benefits to both their work and life, the merits outweigh the drawbacks.

5)In conclusion, university students should be encouraged to study a range of subjects instead of just focusing on their own specialist subjects. In this way, students can acquire the knowledge they need to understand the world they live in. More importantly, they are given another chance to find their real interest and choose their future career. (349 words)


教育类话题本身涉及面广、细分项目多,并不容易全面准备,但教育话题本身的破题难度并不高,因为它跟我们的成长经历关系非常密切,想要摆出观点一二三并不是mission impossible,关键就看你能不能把话讲明白了!



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