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编辑点评: SAT语气限定词能够帮助我们对作者的语气进行预判,由此,对行文方向进行预判。所以,学好SAT语气限定词,可以帮助大家早日攻克SAT。


SAT语气限定词的作用主要表现在能够帮助我们对作者的语气进行预判及对行文方向的预判。例如absolute signal words出现在SAT阅读观点句中,表明这个观点作者一定是赞同的,所以下文的行文方向将向着立论的方向进行下去。而possibility signal words出现在SAT阅读观点句中,则表明作者对这个观点一定持怀疑态度,所以下文的行文方向将向着驳论或质疑的角度进行下去。


Does the threat of the death penalty deter people from murderous behavior more than the threat of imprisonment for life? We do not yet know with anything even approaching certainty whether the death penalty does or does not deter. The question is clearly empirical, and it is likely that sophisticated statistical techniques will eventually permit us an answer.

这里出现了likely,它属于possibility signal words,所以我们可以预判作者对精密的统计技术的态度其实是怀疑的,所以下文应该是往质疑或驳斥的角度写下去。而后面的文字” All statistical arguments on the death penalty are, however, excruciatingly complex and misleading.” 证明了我们的猜测。


Absolute Signal Words

These words should make the reader reject a statement unless there is strong support.

always, definitely, irrefutably, assuredly, indisputably, undeniably, certainly, invariably, without question, etc.

Probability Signal Words

These words suggest that the information may be accurate but that other possibilities may exist.

almost, probably, presumably, there is little question, etc.

Possibility Signal Words

These words suggest that the ideas are subject to debate and that there is doubt as to their complete validity.

apparently, may/maybe, possible, somewhat, could be, might, seems, likely, perhaps, seemingly, etc.