9天搞定SAT阅读-Day 3 Analytical Questions

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1 Looking back now, it seems that US attitude
2 toward nuclear war was downright silly back
3 then. Kids hiding under desks, bomb shelters
4 beneath homes, and “massive retaliation” are
5 all memories from those turbulent times. Yet
6 it seems that we were probably right to be
7 anxious about the Soviets and their will to
8 use the bomb. Even in the 60’s, Soviet leader
9 Kruschev launched a bid to move missiles
10 to Cuba. Nuclear war was, in fact, always
11 an imminent possibility – and, no matter
12 how flippant it may seem now, it was better
13 to be prepared than to be annihilated.

A) Nuclear war is a larger problem now than it was in the 60’sWith which of the following statements would the author most likely agree?

B) Kruschev would never actually use a nuclear weapon

C) The US was prepared for all-out nuclear war in the 60’s

D) The US took the threat of nuclear war seriously in the 60’s E) Cuba would not have launched a nuclear attack


首先,明确问题想问的是什么。这是一个常见的问题类型,大家要根据文章,理解作者对 nuclear war 的态度,这样才能选出正确答案。

其次,简化问题,自己先给出答案。问题其实是: What is the author’s attitude toward nuclear war? 作者意识到了核战争的可能性(11行 – “imminent possibility”),并表示核战争“better to be prepared”。







1 Betty and I looked into the foyer. It was
2 a dark, musky kind of room, full of
3 cobwebs covering ancient photographs.
4 It wasn’t really our house – sure, we
5 moved in, but there was a presence to
6 the house, a sense that we were not
7 welcome in the “humble abode.” We
8 were trespassers in this edification,
9 and no matter how much we touched
10 the place up, it was still just not ours.

Reverent Which of the following words best describes the narrator’s attitude toward the house?


b) Malicious

c) Distant

d) Malignant

第一步:What is the question asking?只要知道narrator对房子的看法就可以了。

第二步:How does the narrator feel about the house?根据文章,narrator对房子并没有什么特殊的感觉(第 4 行– “wasn’t really our house”, 6-7行 “not welcome”)。

第三部: 只有“distant”这个词反应了作者对房子的感觉。

1. He was treated like a ____ and cast out from his community.

A. ascetic     B. prodigy    C. prodigal

D. pariah    E. tyro

2. The teacher accused me of ____ because my essay was so similar to that of another student.

A. procrastination    B. plagiarism     C. celerity

D. confusion    E. decorum

3. We live in a ____ age; everyone thinks that maximizing pleasure is the point of life.

A. ubiquitous    B. propitious    C. sporadic

D. corrupt    E. hedonistic

4. Thankfully the disease has gone into ____ ; it may not recur for many years.

A. treatment    B. sequestration    C. quarantine

D. remission    E. oblivion

5. People from all over the world are sent by their doctors to breathe the pure, ____ air in this mountain region.

A. invigorating    B. soporific    C. debilitating

D. insalubrious    E. aromatic

6. As were many colonial administrators, Gregory was ____ in his knowledge of the grammar of the local language, though his accent was ____ .

A. deficient - poor    B. competent - adequate    C. faultless - awful

D. well-versed - effective     E. erratic - eccentric

7. Though Adam Bede is presented to us by the author as ____ fiction, there are none of the life-like meanderings of the story of Amos Barton.

A. realistic    B. romantic    C. imaginative

D. educational    E. entertaining

8. There is a general ____ in the United States that our ethics are declining and that our moral standards are ____ .

A. feeling - normalizing    B. idea - futile    C. optimism - improving

D. complaint - deteriorating    E. outlook - escalating

9. Homo sapiens, the proud splitter of the atom, inventor of the electronic computer, ____ of the genetic code may be humbled by a lowly ____ of the sewers and soils - the microbe.

A. designer - inhabitant    B. discoverer - rodent    C. writer - organism

D. decipherer - denizen    E. author - purifier

10. After centuries of obscurity, this philosopher's thesis is enjoying a surprising ____ .

A. dismissal    B. remission    C. decimation

D. longevity    E. renaissance 

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