Writing Effective Introduction and Details

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“If we are dissatisfied with our circumstances, we think about changing them. But the most important and effective changes—in our attitude—hardly occur to us. In other words, we should worry not about how to alter the world around us for the better but about how to change ourselves in order to fit into that world.”

Adapted from Michael Hymers, "Wittgenstein, Pessimism and Politics"


Is it better to change one's attitude than to change one's circumstances? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

Writing an Effective Introduction





Hyperbolic statement夸张的陈述:使用一个大胆、牵强、极端或是夸张的陈述,这类陈述可以具有争议性甚至是虚构性。比如: “For thousands of years of human history, optimists have used religion, politics, and culture to try to change the attitudes of millions. They have miserably failed”。

Statistic数据型:运用相关数据来表达你的观点。例如:“Self-described optimists are five times more likely to be happy and satisfied than their pessimist counterparts”。

Personal experience个人经历:用自己的个人经历来表达观点。例如:“When I was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, the doctor told me I would concede to the wiles of destiny – instead, I made a choice to live a more enjoyable and fulfilling life than I ever had before”。

Folksy/Common Statement常见陈述:用一个普遍的陈述来引出一个常见的观点。例如:“They say that if you aren’t an optimist, the glass is half-empty. And, if you’re a pessimist, it probably has cyanide in it anyway”。

Quote引言:引用一句家喻户晓的名言来表明自己的观点。例如:“'Work is either fun or drudgery. It depends on your attitude. I like fun.'These were wise words from Colleen C. Barrett”。




Detail and Description


题干中的要求如下:要求考生利用“examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations”,把这一点熟记于心。最好的方法就是把这四大类都非开,每一类给出两个相关论据。也就是说,引用两本你阅读过的书籍,两堂参与的课程,两次个人的经历以及两点源于对世界和生活的观察。当然每类各引用两点并不是硬性要求。但是如果有八点强有力的论据(每个论据两个句子左右),毫无疑问,你的文章有足够的信息点和足够长的篇幅。


1. A positive change in attitude can effect a change in conditions

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Non-Violence

Jesus Christ and Christianity

2. Having a positive attitude allows you to make the best of a situation

When I broke my leg and couldn’t play basketball, I studied harder

The movie Little Miss Sunshine

3. Negative attitudes historically yield bad results

Marlowe in Heart of Darkness

Decline of Roman Empire



1. Lead-in:引出论据的过渡部分

2. Detail:论据

3. Lead-out:把论据和论点联系起来


(Lead-in) “Maintaining a positive attitude in a negative environment can actually change your environment for the better. In fact, people who can maintain positive attitudes have created a difference and made the world around them better.”

(Detail) “One such person was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who led the Civil Rights Movement in America through a strategy of nonviolence and non-confrontation. His work eventually allowed Blacks in the US more rights.”

(Lead-out) “His involvement and non-violence philosophy shows that even though he could have become angry and violent towards the white establishment, his positive attitude allowed him to effect bigger and better changes.”




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