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编辑点评: 材料科学作为工程类的传统学科,一直以来申请的同学也不在少数。下面三篇范文希望能给你启发。


Brought up in a shabby and cramped small apartment, I was fascinated in my childhood by the exquisite houses and condominiums I watched on TV in images that had been shot in the developed countries. It has since been my dream to build up in China the same kind of quality human habitat. I believe that this dream can come true if I get to undertake advanced studies in architecture at your university.

I am now erecting fundamental building blocks towards the realization of my dream at the Harbin Institute of Technology (known as HIT), from which I am scheduled to graduate next year. This elite institution accepted me in 1995 in recognition of my strong performance in the National University Entrance Examinations, held once every year nationwide to screen high school graduates for higher education. Here, I have received vigorous training in structure engineering, an area of study that is essential to the country's frenzied construction industry.

Deeply in love with my chosen area of studies, I have turned my mind into an engine of creativity during three years of disciplined learning. Courses of my major, particularly structure mechanics, architecture material, and survey of engineering, fascinate me so much that I am sometimes completely enthralled in studying them. Looking now at the reinforced concrete structures around me, I not only detect the configuration inside easily but also arrive at some preliminary assessment of its strengths and weaknesses quickly. Everything that comes into my sight presents itself in the framework of some form of structure. Carefully groomed as the only child in my family, I cannot stand being the second best in any group and situation, especially when it comes to a contest of intellectual caliber. At HIT, I beat the odds and excelled all most of my fellow students in academic studies, making myself the undisputed academic leader of the class. Students and faculty alike are so accustomed to my academic excellence that everybody would be surprised in class if I happen not to be able to answer a question better than others even once. My motto is : one either comes out the first, or he is a failure. The university has awarded me a string of scholarships and other accolades in praise of my academic achievements.

But I am no bookworm. In fact, I am constantly engaged in a host of extracurricular activities, for which I have been conferred a Special Commendation for Participation in Social Activities. I have run and won the position of monitor in my class during my first semester, which made me a natural student leader. Active on campus, I was then appointed the recreation officer of the Student Association, in charge of organizing entertainment and other recreational events for the benefit of the students. I now also serve as the president of the Society of Student Architects and Engineers. Such involvement in the student affairs has tempered my skills in leadership, organization and communication. But more importantly, it has broadened my horizon and deepened my insights in terms of what constitutes beauty, grace and strength, which I believe will always help me in my engineering designs.

I would like to mention here my passion for a uniquely oriental sport called weiqi, known as the go in the English parlance. An intricate chess game, it is challenging to even the best and brightest minds. One usually has to be a full-time player to play it well. Not to be daunted, I not only joined the Weiqi Club on campus but also taken part in a national contest, in which I won the 12th place and the HIT team I led won the 3rd place. My achievement in the weiqi sport testifies to my superior mental power and intellectual resourcefulness.

To tap fully into my intellectual resources, I would like to take up the greater challenges of helping to design my country's skylines in the 21st century. For that, I need better training that what I have received. An American education will expose mw to new perspectives and endow me with new inspirations. When I get to combine my Chinese perspectives with those of the West, I should have no trouble fulfilling my ambition of cutting one of the best structure engineers in the world. With that, I want to design and build the most beautiful structures in China.

To ensure both my future and that of my country's construction industry, I sincerely hope that I could be admitted into your university. I am confident that, if I can be lucky enough to study under your seasoned guidance and with your kind financial assistance, many people in China will never have to endure the kind of shabby and inconvenient apartments that I endured as a child.


When China, my motherland, is mentioned anywhere in the world, people will naturally awaken association with the exquisite and beautiful chinaware made in China, the country that enjoys a history of porcelain production one thousand years earlier than other countries and a reputation for her elevated art and remarkable craftsmanship. European people attempted at any cost to acquire the technology of porcelain making and at last achieved the satisfaction of this goal from a priest named Francois-Xavier D’Entrecolles, thus the present variety and brilliance of chinaware in both China and the West. Nevertheless, in an era of electronics and information today, China has fell far behind the advanced countries in the field of information materials science and engineering, in its research and application as well. As a graduate majored in physics and technology of electronic thin films, I am eager to trace the footprints of Francois-Xavier D’Entrecolles so as to bring the advanced technology of material engineering to China by means of studying in your prestigious university for Ph.D. program in the area of material engineering, realizing my dream of being a useful scholar to my motherland.

University of XX is a world-famous university and especially well-known for her intellectual strength in the area of material engineering with her irresistible magnetic power pulling excellent students from all over the world to her. Therefore I justify clear realization of the sharp competition I am confronted with. But with a fine background of education in specialty, a firm foundation in theoretical study, the practical skill in experiment, and the cultured ability to engage myself in independent research work, I have the confidence to meet the challenge from other rival applicants.

In University of XX of China, which enrolls brilliant students from various areas in China with her strength in the area of material science, I accomplished my undergraduate study in the specialty of magnetic materials and components and my graduate study in physics and technology of electronic thin films, in the period of which I kept to be the top student in my class and was awarded the school fellowship every year. I was elected “Graduate with Merit” of my university upon graduation.

Benefiting from the strict training in my university, I gained fair acquaintance with the knowledge and theories in my specialty. Meanwhile, I read various journals and magazines at home and abroad, following the footsteps of the development of new theories and technology. I tried my best to participate in possible experimental work and research work, cultivate my skills in the use, maintenance, and modification of vacuum-evaporation equipment and pulse-laser- deposition equipment, and attend academic workshops and symposiums. The modulation rate of the BST voltage controlled thin film variable capacitor I produced reaches the level of 80%, approximate to the highest level in record so far.

My achievement was highly appreciated by relevant scholars and specialists and I have been invited to participate in various programs experiments. As a result of my persistent effort, I have published “BST Voltage Controlled Microwave Electronic Components” and “STO Pulse-Laser-Deposition Growth of Thin Film” respectively on such kernel academic journals as XX in China, the former article being praised by relevant specialists as “assuming the function of guidance to the application research on BST thin film in China.”

Based upon the confidence of my theoretical background and research capacity, I chose the topic “Production of High-frequency Composite” for my Bachelor’s thesis. On the basis of extensive collection and absorbing of the recent information on magnetic materials and components, I decided to do my research on the project of compounding Co2Z material by applying Y2O3 and Sr2+ and adopting pre-processing technology, in addition to the control of working procedure and temperature point. In consequence, the improvement of magnetic property of the material. In the oral defense of my thesis, the present specialists concluded that the research, measuring high academic significance, was novel in topic selection, logical in argument, and creative in idea. My Bachelor’s thesis was chosen as “Excellent Thesis” of the university through critical assessment.

At present, I am busy with my Master’s thesis “Au/BST/YBCO Ferro-electro Thin Film Voltage Controlled Components.” There exists a great difference between China and Western countries in experimental conditions with regard to BST thin film materials and we cannot produce desirable microwave components with available references nowadays. But the RMS on the surface of the BST thin film I designed and produced is of merely several angstroms , the modulation rate 80%, and the power loss 4‰, which satisfies the need of microwave component production. This achievement is at forefront in China at present.

During this period of study and research, I have deeply felt that my country falls far behind the advanced countries in the area of materials science and an intense need to study the advanced theories and technology in the fullest enforced academic institute. Thus I select University of XX where I believe I can realize my dream. In addition to the unparalleled strength in the area of materials science and technology, University of XX boasts the international background with scholars and students from different regions all over the world, the congenial atmosphere of academic research, and the systematic cultivation of creativity in her students. I am eager to enjoy an opportunity to enrich myself from this valuable academic nutrition and at the same time I hope, on the premise of the improvement of my theoretical construction and of my experimental capacity, to give full play to my initiative and potential strength and in this way to contribute my intelligence to University of XX -+in the participation in relevant research projects.